Mother Earth before profit – always!

Organic growing methods

Our coconut water is uniquely sourced from the less common and more flavorful “Num Hom” coconuts – translated that means “aromatic” – from farms in coastal southwest Thailand. The farms use traditional organic growing methods, i.e. they do not use pesticides or agro chemicals, and they are non GMO (to be clear, there are no GMO coconut palm trees). The palm trees grow just fine by themselves if they are left to nature and tended with care. 

This means that we are able to source organic grade coconut water without having to deal with costly certification and bureaucracy. By not needing to pay certifying agencies, We are able to pay nearly 50% more for its coconut water to help ensure sustainable farming and living wages. More money in farmers’ pockets is a part of our commitment to social justice.

Our coconut water is packaged in the most eco-friendly aseptic packaging available, and UHT processed with the environment, taste and nutritional quality in mind. Truly raw coconut water ONLY comes from a freshly cracked coconut. Freezing or using extremely high pressure (HPP) to process coconut water effects it at the cellular level and often leads to early onset oxidation and enzymatic leaching, known as “pinking”. Also, these processes usually require constant refrigeration and a highly plasticized packaging, demands I cannot in good conscience put on the environment. Mother Nature and truth come before profits. Always.

Our coconut water contains 50-100% more potassium that any other brand of coconut water and the potassium / sodium ratio in our coconut water is close to perfect to keep the body alkaline.  We will always provide the best quality and taste, and do so in the most environmentally and socially conscius ways possible.

Said about our coconut water

“I love coconut water! The correct coconut water! I´m pretty picky about drinking just any coconut water. My favourite is, of course, to drink directly from a fresh, green coconut, harvested somewhere southwards. So it´s a luxury to be able to take part of the coconut water´s beneficial effects even though i´m far from Bali, Thailand…. This coconut water tastes fresh, refreshing and almost like straight from a coconut. Even more luxurious is that it comes in a chocolate variety – like drinking a chocolate cace. Perfect as “Saturday candy”! Saturday candy that builds the body, not braking it down. 

-Erica Palmcrantz Aziz, Rawfood Guru (Rawfood by Erica), writer, inspirer, entrepreneur